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About Us

The Climate Services Partnership (CSP) is a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration aimed at promoting resilience and advancing climate service capabilities worldwide. It is an informal, interdisciplinary network of climate information users, providers, donors and researchers who share an interest in climate services and are actively involved in the climate services community. Members of the CSP recognize that their collaborative efforts have the potential to exceed those of any single institution acting alone.

The CSP newsletter gives more information on recent activities.

The CSP focuses its work on three levels.


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By way of the annual International Conferences on Climate Services, the CSP helps cultivate connections among climate information providers, users, researchers and donors throughout the world. Please see more about the International Conferences on Climate Services.


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Climate Service Partnership strives to catalog and share knowledge regarding the science, structure, and institutional arrangements that lead to the development of effective climate services. For more information on this effort, please see our pages under “Resources.”


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The CSP draws on the varied expertise of its member base to create new knowledge regarding the design and structure of climate services. This includes establishing the methods and structures needed to provide support in developing the economic value of climate services and establishing best practices for identifying user needs. For further information, please read about our Collaborations and Working Groups.


The Climate Services Partnership was formed at the First International Conference on Climate Services, which was held in New York in 2011. Conference participants were drawn from a range of activities that develop and utilize climate services. At ICCS 1, they agreed to form an open and informal coalition, the Climate Services Partnership, to improve the provision and development of climate services worldwide.

The Climate Services Partnership works to improve climate-smart decision-making in a range of contexts. As part of this effort, the CSP identifies, promotes, and fosters the establishment of effective policy and practice. The CSP also supports engagement and communication among climate information providers, decision-makers, and policy communities, thereby furthering the extent to which climate information can contribute to improved development outcomes.

The activities of the Partnership will inform and support the evolution and implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services, a formal international system that coordinates support for climate services around the world.