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Membership Terms

Those seeking membership declare support for the CSP concept, meet the criteria, and endorse the work of the Partnership as described below. Membership carries no financial obligation, although participation in some Partnership activities may require financial or in-kind contributions from members.

CSP members:

  • Are actively engaged with climate services through current programs and activities
  • Recognize the value of collaboration in advancing their own climate services activities and in accelerating collective progress
  • Are committed to reporting on their climate services initiatives, documenting progress, and sharing lessons learned with the Partnership
  • Are interested in joining in, or resourcing new collaborative work with other partners along lines of mutual interest
  • Are supportive of the exchange of information and knowledge products, curricula and other resources within collaborative projects

Benefits of Participation

CSP membership will provide:

  • Access to a community of practitioners and leading experts in climate services
  • Exposure for each partner’s programs
  • Opportunities to build relationships with future collaborators
  • Knowledge, information products, and other resources generated through the Partnership
  • Opportunities to influence and respond to new program initiatives and funding

Work of the Partnership

The work of the Partnership will include:

  • Reporting, analysis, and synthesis, and dissemination of information on products, practices, and experiences in developing climate services
  • Research collaborations among partners (e.g., regarding technical innovations, scientific review, communication approaches, evaluation and valuation of climate services)
  • Working groups on topics of wide interest (e.g., reviewing and recommending standards and good practices)
  • Fostering/supporting exchange of information products, tools, and other resources
  • Informing and supporting other relevant processes (e.g., GFCS, DRR, UNFCCC,…)
  • Development of training and professional development curricula, seminars, webinars
  • Joint proposals, projects, and programs
  • Hosting conferences and symposia, including the annual International Conference on Climate Services.