Building the Capacity of Smallholder Rice Farmers Under a Changing Climate in NigeriaPrimary

The Research Group on Climate Change Adaptation, Nigeria (RG-CCA-Nig) was formed in 2009 at Ebonyi State University (EBSU) to address issues of land management and the impacts of climate variability on poor rural farming communities throughout Ebonyi State and Nigeria. Food and agricultural systems in Nigeria are under tremendous pressure and are further limited by the occurrence of natural disasters, which plague the region on almost a yearly basis. RG-CCA-Nig was established to combat these challenges, build capacity among rural populations, and enable communities to cope with environmental and food security challenges.

Research Group for Climate Change Adaptation in Nigeria (RG-CCA-Nig)
Catherine V. Nnamani, Happiness O. Oselebe, Okporie, E. O., Okonkwo, C.I. and Eze, S.E

Dates: 01-Dec-2008

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