ICCS 6 programme

ICCS 6 takes stock of the knowledge and practice of climate services, and to explore the extent to which those services have fostered climate resilience. It also identifies areas in which research and/or investment is most likely to advance knowledge and practice in order to build resilience.

Conference structure

Stock taking. Ten years after the third World Climate Conference, ICCS 6 will issue a   pre-conference survey, inviting the broader climate service community to help create a snapshot of the current state of climate service knowledge and practice. These topics will be further developed through high-level keynotes on: 

            (1) the current state of climate knowledge (projections, s2s, s2d, etc.);

            (2) good practice in development, delivery and use of climate services; and

            (3) the extent to which climate services are contributing to climate resilience

Prioritization. The conference will also create a venue for participants to work together to identify gaps and opportunities to advancing the knowledge and practice of climate services so as to foster climate resilience. This work will take place through interactive activities, parallel sessions, and real-time polling.

Parallel sessions

At present, conference sessions are envisioned on the following topics:

  • Business Models to Scale Climate Services 
  • Climate and Health  
  • Climate Services for Climate Smart Agriculture and Food Security  
  • Climate Services and National Development Planning 
  • Climate Services for Resilient Development 
  • Coastal Climate Services
  • Communications and Media for Effective Climate Services 
  • Ethics of Climate Services
  • Extreme Heat
  • Forecast-Based Financing  
  • Managing Extreme Heat
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Services  
  • Supporting Development of Regional Climate Services