The first International Conference on Climate Services was held in NY, NY in October of 2013 with the goal of initiating a dialogue between experienced climate information providers and those who currently use or wish to use such information. The objective of the ICCS was to establish a climate services pilot program or network, with support from an international set of partners with experience in the implementation, design or use of climate information and services; it resulted in the creation of the Climate Services Partnership.

Please find the conference report and the conference statement here:

ICCS Conference Report ICCS 2011 Final Conference Statement

ICCS 2011 Final Conference Statement

Conference presentations are also found below.


Global Framework for Climate Services, Jerry Lengoasa

Climate Services — a US Perspective, Tom Karl

Climate Services in Practice — a UK Perspective, Chris Hewitt

Climate Services in Africa: Complexity in Context, Bruce Hewitson

US National Integrated Drought Information System, Roger Pulwarty

A Research Perspective on Climate Services, Simon Mason

A User Perspective on Climate Services, Maarten Van Aalst

Breakout sessions

Intro to Breakout Sessions

Breakout Group on Scientific Community

Breakout Group on Policy

Breakout Group on Knowledge Mgmt

Breakout Group on Funding Mechanisms

Breakout Group on Data

Breakout Group on Demand

Working Groups

Proposal for Working Groups

Working Group on Economic Valuation

Working Group on Good Practice

Working Group on Knowledge Mgmt

Working Group on User Needs

Action Plan

CSP Action Plan

GFCS Side Event

Development of GFCS, David Grimes

Why GFCS? Geoff Love