ICCS 2 explored a range of  issues while paying special attention to gaps and opportunities related to the private sector, which has made many valuable contributions to the climate service enterprise. These contributions include satisfying user needs for specialized products, collecting local data to supplement national networks, and ensuring the widest possible dissemination of watches, warnings, and advisories.

ICCS 2 was held in Brussels, Belguim in September, 2012; it was hosted by the German Climate Service Center.

The conference report is found here:

ICCS2 Report high resolution

ICCS 2 Report low resolution

Conference presentations are found below:

Anders Levermann, The Transition Ahead

Anna Steynor, Climate Information Portal

Cathy Vaughan, CSP Case Studies

Chris Hewitt, GFCS

Dagmar Bley, JPI Climate

David Behar, Decision Makers

Ed Carr, Climate Information for Development Mali

Ghassem Asrar, How Does Science Support Climate Services

Glen Anderson, CSP Valuation of Climate Services

Guofu Wang, Climate Services China

Jim Hansen, Case Study India

John Sillman, Challenge of Climate Services

Karl Benedict, ESIP Federation

Paolo Ruti, CLIMRUN 

Rick Crouthamel, Sustained Infrastructure to Support Climate Services

Stephen Zebiak, Climate Services Partnership