While climate services are being provided through pilot efforts in many parts of the world, moving beyond these initial efforts to implement climate services at scale remains a challenge.

The third International Conference on Climate Services (ICCS 3) explored opportunities and constraints regarding the transition to sustained climate services, paying specific attention to issues of drought monitoring, coastal management, and climate-related health interventions.

The conference created an opportunity for updates of a variety of projects and contributed to the development of the CSP workplan. ICCS 3 was held December 4-6, 2013 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in Montego Bay, Jamaica; December 3 was reserved for side events. The conference report and presentations are found below.

Conference report 

A high-resolution version of the conference report is available here: ICCS3_Report_FINAL

A low-resolution version of the conference report is available here:  ICCS3_Report_FINAL-reduced

**Wednesday, December 4**

Opening session 

Climate services in the Caribbean, David Farrell

Climate services around the world, Filipe Lucio

National-level climate services for agriculture, Alicia Martins

Intro to the ICCS Tools Expo, Cathy Vaughan

Conference roadmap, Steve Zebiak

Climate Services Evaluation

Evaluating climate services: Lessons from Mali, Ed Carr

Assessing the socio-economic benefits of meteorological & hydrological services, Glen Anderson

Evaluating the Caribbean Agrometeorological Initiative, Dave Letson

Evaluating climate services for farmers, Arame Tall

Adaptation made to measure, Eva Wuttge

Drought early warning systems 

Drought Early Warning in the Caribbean, Adrian Trotman

Drought forecasts using SPI, Cedric Van_Meerbeeck

National Integrated Drought Information System, Robin Webb

Joint Programming Initiative

Links between JPI and other activities, Chris Hewitt

Climate service user requirements, Mattias Themessl

Providers of climate services in Germany, Maria Manez

Pilot Program for Climate Resilience 

Pilot Program for Climate Resilience, Kanta Kumari

PPCR Mozambique, Jose Alvaro Malanco

PPCR Nepal, Rishi Ram Sharma

PPCR Niger, Yahaya Naoumou

PPCR Tajikistan, Anvar Homidov

PPCR Yemen, Nabil Abjulqader Sha’lan

Training session: Climate Predictability Tool 

CPT Training, Angel Munoz

**Thursday, December 5**

Coastal management

CLIM-RUN: A Participatory process for the definition of climate products in coastal zones, Valentina Giannini

Are coastal zones well managed, Kasey Jacobs & Janice Cumberbatch

Climate risk and adaptation services in coastal zones, Antonio Marcomini

Impacts of climate change and the role of ecosystem-based adaptation in the Caribbean, Owen Day

Climate services for agriculture in Jamaica 

Brief assessment, Glenroy Brown

Jamaica’s institutional arrangements, Albert Daley

Capacity building support, Dianne Dormer

Findings and future plans, Cliff Mahlung ICCS3 Presentation

Climate information & outreach in the Jamaican agricultural sector, Cavell Francis-Rhiney

Developing climate services, Jackie Spence

Training session: R training 

Statistical modeling of malaria in Botswana using R, Rachel Lowe

Climate services and the private sector

Climate services and the private sector, Guy Brasseur

International Energy & Meteorology Community, Alberto Troccoli

CCCA, its climate services, and approach to reach the users, Matthias Themessl

Integrated climate risk management at the UNDP 

Strengthening climate services to manage risks and impacts, AR Subbiah

Stakeholder engagement and community perspectives, Anne Hammill

Integrated climate risk management at UNDP, Rajeev Issar

Integrated climate change adaptation strategies, Dieter Rothenberger

The role of climate in disease decision support systems 

Impact of climate change on health, Christine Clarke

An integrated approach to understanding surrounding dengue in emergent and endemic areas, Mary Hayden

Climate and the global distribution of dengue and yellow fever, Michael Johansson

Quantifying spatio-temporal risk factors of dengue, Rachel Lowe

Global Leptospirosis Environmental Action Network (GLEAN), Claudia Munoz Zanzi

Informing DfID’s research funding for early warning and risk assessment 

Science for Humanitarian Emergence & Resilience: Caribbean consultation, Alex Harvey

Science for Humanitarian Emergence & Resilience: Scoping study, Darren Lumbroso 

Training session: QGIS

Quantum Geographic Information Systems (QGIS), Jennifer Boehnert 

Climate services for better health

Climate services for better health, Carlos Corvalan

Improving climate services for the health sector, Tufa Dinku

Public health and the role of the health sector, Michel Jancloes

Climate services for better health, Chris Hewitt

Climate and health partnership to control meningitis, Madeleine Thomson

Prioritizing research in support of climate services

Research priorities for climate services, Walter Baethgen

Prioritizing research in support of climate service institutions, Jim Buizer

Climate services for development: social science research priorities, Ed Carr

Funding research priorities for development, John Furlow

Priotizing research in support of climate research, Lisa Goddard

Research priorities in the Caribbean, Adrian Trotman

Participatory development of seasonal forecast action alert for the Caribbean

Caribbean Action Alert, Erin Coughlan and Ashley Curtis

Training Session: CCORAL

CCORAL training, Keith Nicholls

**Friday, December 6**

Opening remarks, Chris Hewitt

Reporting on the Tools Expo, Ana Bucher

Establishing good practice, Bruce Hewitson

Prioritizing research, Lawrence Buja

Building capacity, Emily CoBabe

Directing investment, John Furlow

Stakeholder engagement, Walter Baethgen

Climate services and the Caribbean, Michael Taylor