While climate affects all aspects of our lives, the decisions we make are rarely based entirely, or even predominantly, on climate information. Rather, a range of factors must be considered as we make plans that shape our countries, companies, and communities.  Decisions support systems offer a way to meet this complex challenge – combining different kinds of information into a single framework and assisting decision makers by supporting, rather than replacing, their judgement. These and other questions were explored in at the fourth International Conference on Climate Services.

Speakers bios and abstracts are found here:

ICCS 4 AbstractsScenes from the Fourth International Conference on Climate Services, held in Montevideo, Uruguay Dec 10-12. For more information, visit: climate-services.org

ICCS 4 Speakers Bios

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**Wednesday, December 10**

Opening session

ICCS Opening ceremony, Minister Tabare Aguerre

Seasonal prediction & DSS, Roger Stone

Global Framework for climate services, Filipe Lucio

Climate services in LAC, Divino Moura

Climate services in the Caribbean, Adrian Trotman

Climate services in Europe, Irene Fischer-Bruns

Climate services in the Pacific, Elisabeth Holland

DSS Repository, Ellinor Roth

ICCS 4 Roadmap, Steve Zebiak

Disaster-related decision support systems, part I

ClimWarn, Asha Sitati

CS, food security, disaster mangement, Richard Choularton

Forecast-based financing, Shaban Mawanda

Risk mgmt and land mgmt, Adriana Piperno

Disaster-related decision support systems, part II

Climate Impacts Database, Shelly-Ann Cox

Fighting fires from space, Mir Matin & Carmen Tadesco

Financial instruments for disaster preparedness, Dan Osgood

Plans, info, funds, Pablo Suarez

Health-sector response to climate risk

Building health resilience to climate risks, Joy Guillemot

Climate change and UV radiation, Francisco Chesini

Climate-sensitive diseases in Ecuador, Anna Stewart

Early detection, prevention & mgmt, Yahya Abawi

MERCOSUR health & climate strategy, Carmen Ciganda

Practical examples of health response to climate risk

Air pollution in Buenos Aires, Laura Dawidowski

Climate & health in Paraguay, Max Pasten

Climate & transmissable diseases in Uruguay and Brazil, Carlos Barboza

Climate info DSS for health in Panana, Anselmo McDonald

Climate variability and impacts in Latin American cities, Graciana Barboza

Climate services in agricultural, applied research

Climate & rice production in Colombia, Camilo Barrios

Climate-smart products for ag, Glenroy Brown

Heat wave early warning system in Uruguay, Celmira Saravia

Sweet potato modeling in the Caribbean, Dale Rankine

Tools for climate-informed agricultural decision making in Uruguay

Design & mgmt of climate services, Mercedes Berterretche

National Agricultural Info System, Walter Baethgen

SIGRAS video SIGRAS, Guadalupe Tiscornia SIMASP, Adrian Cal

Climate services in the La Plata basin 

CRC-SAS, Ferreira Lorena

SINARAME, Andrés Rodríguez

WIGOS regional plan for WMO RA III, Antonio Divino Moura

Climate information for the energy sector

Climate info for energy, Wilson Sierra & Rafael Terra

CS for windfarms, Jean Philippe Boulanger

Hydrological forecasting in Salto Grande, Nicolas Failache

Impacts of climate change to energy in Tajikistan, Zafar Makhmudov

**Thursday, December 11**

Climate services to advance water & disaster risk management 

Climate & disaster risk management in St Lucia, Farzana Leon

Climate info for water & drm in Mozambique, Anacleto Duvane

Drought risk mgmt & seasonal forecasts, Silvana Alcoz

Upgrading weather, water, and climate services in Yemen, Hanan Al-Dobaee

Data-driven climate services

Climate data for conflict states, Simon Mason

Most useful data may not be available, Rick Crouthamel

Tradition weather prediction in DSS, Alfredo Veizaga

Climate service evaluation

Assessment of climate services in Kerala, Shadananan Nair

Mid-level eval of seasonal forecasts in Kazakhstan, Glen Anderson

Preliminary evaluation of OLE2, Angel Munoz

Really effective for 20% of the men, Ed Carr

Developing climate service capacities in national contexts

Climate services for Scottish policy, Andrew Harding

Climate services, agriculture & food security, Jacqueline Spence

Enhancing national climate services in Africa, Tufa Dinku

Strengthening climate information networks in Niger, Ousman Baoua

Co-production of knowledge 

Advancing adaptation through collaborative processes, Jorgelina Hardoy

Co-exploration in developing countries, Anna Steynor

Co-production with whom, Ed Carr

Rugged path to effective decision support, James Arnott

User perception and climate research, Ted Allen

Innovative solutions to decision support

Agroclimate for climate-smart ag, David Letson

Automated canopy estimator, Andre Coy

Climate impacts decision support tool, Andrea Martin

Land potential knowledge system, Lillian Ndungu

Guidance for building, delivering, and using climate services

Communicating with the VIA community, Diane Chaumot

Confronting climate change with extension services, Emilio Ruz

E-learning platform on weather & climate services, Kazi Ahmed

Earth Academy, James Arnott

Good practice guide to climate services, Steve Zebiak

Institutional arrangements that support climate services

Collaborative research as a social process, Cecilia Hidalgo

Information & institutions to confront climate change, Fernando Vila

National climate change and variability response system, Jorge Rucks

Strengthening climate services in Haiti, Ernso Thomas

Research priorities for climate services

CSP research priorities group, Lawrence Buja

Global health & climate research nexus, Anna Stewart

Research priorities for LAC, Raul Mejia

Research prioritites for policy needs, Andrew Harding

Climate services and partnerships in Small Island Developing States

Caribbean climate services SIDS, Adrian Trotman

Challenges to delivering CS for SIDS, Beth Holland

Climate services in SIDS, Netatua Pelesikoti

CS for health in SIDS, Joy Guillemot

Ensuring evaluability of climate-related programs

Ensuring evaluability of CS activities, Oleksandr Rohozynsky

Building and delivering early warning systems

Drought early warning in the Pacific, Yahya Abawi

Early warning systems in Zambia, Jean Mukumwa

EWS for flood warning in Uruguay, Luis Silveira

FEWS NET monthly forecast, Andrew Hoell

Climate service ethics 

Ethical climate services, Joy Guillemot

Toward an ethical framework for cs, Rob Wilby

Decision support in SIDS and LDCs

CARICOM SIDS background, Adrian Trotman

**Friday, December 12**

Communicating health and climate information needs

Building health resilience to climate risks, Joy Guillemot

Economic valuation

Economic valuation of climate services, Glen Anderson

Paying for predictions

Paying for predictions, Pablo Suarez

Supporting and developing climate service practitioners

Climate information across timescales, Lisa Goddard

From climate science to climate services, Ross Blamey & Anna Steynor

Supporting cs practitioners group activity, Anna Steynor

Closing ceremony

Agriculture summary, Mercedes Berterretche

Decision support systems for reslient landscapes, Erick Fernandes

Energy summary, Rafael Terra Health summary, Gilma Mantilla

Knowledge chains, Walter Baethgen