ICCS 4 DSS Showcase

The fourth International Conference on Climate Services (ICCS 4) showcased a range of decision support systems, highlighting their use in key sectors including agriculture, health, water, disasters and energy. The Decision Support Systems (DSS) Showcase allowed those who have developed or are familiar with specific tools to share their expertise with the wider community.


The DSS Showcase took place at lunchtime on Wednesday, December 10 with a series of 5-minute presentations by tool experts. While brief, these presentations highlighted the specific tools in question and provide an overview of their current and potential application. Presentations took place in small groups organized by theme and participants will rotate among the groups in order to engage with the various presentations of interest to them.

After this series of presentations, the tool experts relocated to their posters, where they were able to answer questions and further engage in discussion with participants who may like to know more about their specific decision support system. Posters were available throughout the conference.

The DSS Showcase informs a Decision Support System Repository, where participants can share their perspectives on the sorts of systems that exist, how they are used, and how they might be able to be improved.



The ICCS 4 DSS Showcase circular is found here: DSS Showcase Circular.pdf. Please check it out to see the presentations included in the Showcase.