Visas for international participants

All participants entering India for a conference/workshop require an e-conference visa. This is different from e-business visa or e-tourist visa, which have no provisions for attending a conference.  It is important to note that while it is possible to enter India with an e-business or e-tourist visa, such visa holders are not able to attend the ICCS-6, at IITM as per the applicable government regulations.

E-conference visas cannot be issued on arrival at the port of entry, and participants need to ensure that they apply for and obtain the required visa, either online or physically, at their place of residence before embarking on their travel.

To facilitate this, any one who is considering attending ICCS should please fill out the following form on or before December 12, 2019:

IITM will use the information submitted through this form to apply for approval of each participant. Once this approval is given, IITM will issue supporting documentation (letter of support, etc.) that participants can include in their own visa application processes.

Application for e-conference visa is quite simple and can be made online. It is usually granted within 48 hours if all the supporting documentation is in order. While applying online for e-conference visa, in addition to your personal details, copies of passport, evidence of financial support, flight tickets, etc., you will have to upload the copies of clearance documents.

While traveling to India for ICCS-6, please make sure to carry hard copies of the following documents with you, to be produced at the immigration counter if asked for:

  • host invitation letter;
  • clearance from the MoES;
  • political clearances from MEA;
  • declaration from the MHA; and
  • the agenda.

As indicated above, all these documents will be sent by IITM to all the participants by email well before embarking on travel and in time to register for the conference. 

IITM can also provide a proforma host invitation letter if requested, after the necessary clearances are obtained, though this invitation letter will not include any offer of participation support and it is the responsibility of the participants to provide additional documentation as evidence of support, if required by the visa/immigration authorities.

Accompanying persons, if any, who do not intend to participate in the conference/workshop but are traveling for tourism purposes, can of course apply for e-tourist visa.

For more information on e-visas, please visit

Please contact both and Dr Vinu Valsala,, if you need assistance with your visa application process.