ICCS 5 presentations – posters

Below you find a list of Posters, assigned to the parallel sessions:

S14 National initiatives in climate services

G. Nikulin: A Swedish perspective on building climate services using regional climate projections

S15 Projects on the regional and trans-national scale

L. K. Cristobal Romero: Socio-Economic vulnerability, adaptation to AgroClimatic risk and the potential of user-tailored climate services for the Andean Highlands: The case of Quinoa production in the region of Puno, Peru

M. Murambadoro, J. Mambo: Lessons learned regarding climate service needs for local government in South Africa

J. Helmschrot et al.: SASSCAL WeatherNet – Regional climate observation for climate service provision in Southern Africa

M. Petita et al.: The extreme climate index as an innovative instrument to stimulate climate adaptation efforts in Africa

S22 Climate services’ added value and evaluation

L. Gqiba, A. Gruen: Process monitoring in climate services

H. Gregow, E. Viktor: Data evaluation for climate models

D. Huard, D. Chaumont: Ease of use versus scientific accuracy in climate information: The experience of Ouranos on adaptation projects

H. Lin et al.: Recent development of valuing climate services for agriculture in Taiwan

H. Lin et al.: Evaluation for the climate services in agriculture: A case study of economic benefits for Taiwanese farmers

S23 What are effective Climate Services?

C. Jack, J. Lee: Climate risk narratives: An alternative approach to integrating climate information into decision making

S31 From data and information to knowledge

A. Kofi et al.: Climate information for planning and decision making for small holder farmers in Northern Ghana

S. K. Kogo et al.: Climatic data analysis with R-Instat

S32 User involvement in climate services development

R. Ariefiansyah et al.: Seven climate services to assist farmers in developing their own adaptation capability

S33 Climate services research and capacity building needs

H. Mohamed, B. Rwelengera: Capacity development and research on climate services and health: Experience from Tanzania

Suradi: The provision of Indonesian climate service is urgent to strengthen to deal with global climate change

S41 What can we learn from all the co-activities?

V. G. Chipfakacha: Lost in translation

J. Mambo, M. Murambadoro: Climate information for adaptation response at local government level

L. S. Unganai et al.: Tailored climate services for smallholder farmers in Semi-Arid regions of Zimbabwe

J. Araujo, P. Watkiss: Mainstreaming climate information into Rwanda’s climate and environment fund, FONERWA

E. Viktor et al.: User-Centricity for Multi-Model climate projections: Lessons learned from existing initiatives and research Projects in Europe

K. Vincent et al.: From a clean slate to multiple options – Eliciting user needs for climate information in Malawi

N. C. Chinh: Mekong Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change (Mekong ARCC)

S42 Effective knowledge brokering

A. Agarwal, G. Srinivasan: Implementing climate services in South Asia – Cases from agriculture and water sector

S43 Local knowledge for local action

M. Chamunorwa: Potential and limitations of a Web-based interface for collecting rainfall data through citizen science in Namibia and beyond

U. Ghimire: Local knowledge for local action