Session 4.1: What is learned from all the Co’s?

Session 4.1: What learned from all the co’s – what is learned from all the co-development and co-production approaches

Wednesday, Mar 1, 15:45 – 17:00

Chaired by: Andreas Haensler (GERICS)

In order to provide information or develop service products that suit the needs of users, a close interaction between the climate service providers and the climate service users is needed. This interaction process encompasses the co-exploration, co-definition, co-design, co-production and finally the co-refinement of climate services.

This session is dedicated to sharing the experience of this transdisciplinary process of joint climate service development, thereby high-lighting the added value of this interactive process but also discussing the potential trade-offs and barriers that arise.

Contributions from both the climate service users as well as the climate service providers side are highly welcomed.