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While climate affects all aspects of our lives, the decisions we make are rarely based entirely, or even predominantly, on climate information. Rather, a range of factors must be considered as we make plans that shape our countries, companies, and communities. Decisions support systems offer a way to meet this complex challenge – combining different kinds of information into a single framework and assisting decision makers by supporting, rather than replacing, their judgement. These and other questions were explored in at the fourth International Conference on Climate Services.

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Opening Session

Disaster-related decision support systems, part I

Disaster-related decision support systems, part II

Health-sector response to climate risk

Practical examples of health response to climate risk

Climate services in agricultural, applied research

Tools for climate-informed agricultural decision making in Uruguay

Climate services in the La Plata basin

Climate information for the energy sector

Climate services to advance water & disaster risk management

Data-driven climate services

Climate service evaluation

Developing climate service capacities in national contexts

Co-production of knowledge

Innovative solutions to decision support

Guidance for building, delivering, and using climate services

Institutional arrangements that support climate services

Research priorities for climate services

Climate services and partnerships in Small Island Developing States

Ensuring evaluability of climate-related programs

Building and delivering early warning systems

Climate service ethics

Decision support in SIDS and LDCs

Communicating health and climate information needs

Economic valuation

Paying for predictions

Supporting and developing climate service practitioners

Closing ceremony